Saturday, August 27, 2011

Shopping and Searching For Water For Life Now Ministry

Shopping has never been made easier than now.Not only that, from the comfort of your home you can shop from this mall and help us raise funds to purchase bottled water to give to the homeless.

100% cash back from this mall will be use to purchase bottled water to give for FREE to the homeless.

Shopping and search for Water For Life Now ministry is fun and easy. Water For life now ministry gives out free bottled water to the homeless. We are inviting you to support this ministry by asking you to do what you are doing right now, namely shopping online and using the internet to search.

1. How IT Works.
 When you shop from the mall (click banner below) you will be helping to raise funds for Water For Life Now ministry. Cash back is received from your shopping. This cash back will be used to purchase bottled water.

2.Branded Home Page
When you use the search box on the mall to do your internet searches funds will be generated at no cost to you.

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  1. Presently we are seeking those who were homeless at one time or the others tob ecoem partners wiht us.
    Call me 813 651 9811 or email me at for more info re this.